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For example, people in Las Vegas are interested in piercings and tattoos while those in Los Angeles are concerned with serious relationships.The stats are fascinating because they give us a breakdown of how dating interests vary from place to place and that love comes in many forms.Culling the data from 1.5 million Mixer users, Clover was able to provide some insight on the kinds of things people are most looking for in each state, and show us what the love landscape is like across the country.If you're in Iowa, you're probably interested in having someone to discuss your video game passion with, but if you're in Illinois, the chances are likely you'll be looking for a sexy stoner.It's actually a name given to the pretty harsh practice of ditching someone you're dating by vanishing into thin air. But in this world we live in with so many potential hotties at our fingertips, we can't wasting time on duds if we think there might be someone better out there for us.You cut all contact with them; become a literal ghost. But ghosting has got a new dating trend hot on its heels if recent reports are to be believed: benching."A key motivation is to enjoy the comforts of an intimate relationship while maintaining a high degree of personal control over one's involvement and commitment," said Larry Ganong, professor in HDFS.

From customer reviews, to e Bay and Trip Advisor ratings, to viewer voting on “American Idol,” to automated telephone recordings that warn “This call may be recorded for training purposes,” feedback is normal in every other part of our lives.Meanwhile, if you're in Connecticut, you might be on the hunt for a fitness fanatic.Clover's chart also breaks things down by cities, to help people get a really good idea of popular interests in a specific area.If you've ever used a dating app, you'll probably be familiar with the term 'ghosting'.No, it's not throwing a white sheet over your head and jumping our at your housemate (though that would be more fun, tbh).

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