Cost for updating electrical system

And we certainly didn't want to run our generator all the time.

So we made the decision to phase-in our electrical upgrade.

Electrical Flat rate or up front pricing examples**.

We have no problem conserving, but the less we have to do, the better.

:) We knew we could easily hang out for a week on our holding tanks and our fresh water capacity, but our pitiful single house battery was just not cutting it.

Construction type, project size, location, working heights, accessibility, local & national code requirements, quality of the products, quality of workmanship, weather conditions, updating for code, permit costs, local building department inspection fees, EPA fees, disposal fees and many other factors will greatly effect the overall cost of your electrical remodeling job.

Below are some ballpark cost estimates for electrical remodeling work in your home (permit, inspection and EPA fees are NOT included).

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