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Sometimes there are formative events that happen along the way. An actor or musician that suddenly inspired a crush.

They can be fascinating."Are you out to your family / How did you come out?

The follow-up is "When did you realize there was a word for how you felt?

" Which can also be true for straight people, so again, it's more a talking point than an interview question.

We hold events for several different age ranges, so you should be able to find one to suit yourself." (but, I'd use more conversational words) can lead to some interesting comparative development conversations.It's basically the same as "how old were you when you realized you were a sexual being." Everyone's answer to that is different, and it can be eye-opening to learn about people coming to it differently than you did. This is long enough for you to judge whether you like someone enough to want to see them again, but short enough to avoid embarrassing lapses in conversation.We allow plenty of time to move between tables and complete notes.

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What are the most important thing you look in a person?

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