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Then all you need to do is hold your phone, perfect your pose and wait for it to take.

If you want to take a series of photos in quick succession (ideal if you're on a fairground ride, moving quickly in a car, at a fast-paced event, etc), just hold down on the shutter and it'll rapidly take one photo after another until you let go.

Again, ICYMI, don't faff about logging in to your phone to get to the camera.

On the lock screen, there's a teeny tiny camera icon in the bottom right. If you don't want the faff of trying to hold your phone for a selfie AND take the picture (how many people have dropped their phone this way? Just click the little clock icon in the top right and set the desired time.

Last year, a study found that i Phone users were richer, younger, and perhaps even more productive at work than users of other smartphones.

Earlier this month Ofcom released a report about the depth of our obsession with the internet.

[i OS and Android, free] Brickshots Ever wondered what your favourite portraits would look like as Warhol-esque works of LEGO art?

As well as making it less likely you'll keep checking your push notifications, it will also reduce chances of radiation. Ideally charge your phone outside your room, or at the least the other side of it if you're a real addict.

Just in case you didn't know, you can actually use your volume button on the side of your phone to take a picture, a bit like pressing the shutter button on a normal camera.

Though findings about how time online leads to relationships, friendships and sleep suffering may not be shocking, the amount of us trying to switch off was surprising.

More than a third of UK internet users had tried a digital detox, the new humble-brag term for attempting to spend some time consciously unglued from a screen.

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