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He even rewatched the Season 2 premiere with me, pausing the DVR every few minutes to fill me in on each mother’s backstory. When, for example, I am cajoling my 4-year-old into eating dinner while hand feeding the 8-month-old and also intermittently washing the dinner dishes so that I can get them both into the bathtub before the 8-month-old has a meltdown and Can’t-you-please-just-finish-your-dinner-now-Maisy! In fact, more so that any other reality TV show, the cast of has wormed its way into my everyday existence.But she can’t drive back home, or to a store, because her car is being detailed. But, let me assure you: every new mother will make the mistake of going somewhere and forgetting to bring the diaper bag.It will likely happen just once because the consequences of that mistake will remain seared in your brain for eternity.” Among those eyes were Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D, Pawn Stars’ Chumlee, and Dating Naked‘s Mikey P.Check out the photos from Farrah’s birthday party below.

Another commenter chimed in, "More pointless TV shows so more TV time for Farrah... I honestly think that more time should be spent with your daughter.UPDATE: Looks like this alleged love connection never happened, but it still could! You can still scroll down to the end of this post to see what would happened if Farrah and Pauly D mated. Fox 411 has a source who saw ‘s Farrah Abraham hangin’ out with DJ Pauly D at a Houston club! Farrah Abraham, who dresses like a Stepford wife from the 1960s on Teen Mom OG, stripped down to a barely-there bikini to celebrate her birthday at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas last night. Last year, Farrah brought her cooch molds and her erotic novel to her birthday party.It seems all she brought with her this year was ten inches of Lycra, fushia lipstick, and a water gun.

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