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“Looking at it now, I don’t see it as a negative thing,” he says.He describes his and his sister’s upbringing as warm and loving, with spanking only a very minor part of childhood: “It helped me.Leonard says "if something came out of me she wrote about it." Penny mentions the breast feeding crisis. In Penny's apartment, she asks Leonard why a five-year-old boy put on his mother's make-up and put on "balloon boobs".

Questions discussed include, “When I try to talk to his parents, they just say ‘He's never like that at home.’ Any suggestions?

Haase knew what would happen if her father got angry.

If she or one of her siblings talked back, or perhaps turned on the TV when they were not supposed to do so, “it was ‘Go and get the yardstick,’ ” she says.

Since 1980 she has also served as instructor, trainer, and presenter for early childhood professionals and parents in community college, university, hospital out-reach, and conference settings.

She was president of Midwest Association for the Education of Young Children from 1990 to 1992.

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It set me straight when I wasn’t listening to words.” Still, he says, he does not think he will spank his own children when he has them.

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