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Instead of answering them inline with the comments, I’ll try to paraphrase the popular issues here and answer them centrally. I have a ton of Content Pages, do I need to put script references for Intelli Sense in each one?

No, you do not need to repeat the script references on each content page.

Now on some computers I get the message " Failed to Read More Can someone please help me understand these lecture notes...

On the right of the page; What does "normalised by one notion of the area of a pixel" mean?

Without a reference to jq Modal.js, j Query Intellisense works fine: As soon as I add the reference to jq Modal.js, the Intellisense stops working with this error: Warning 1 Error updating JScript Intelli Sense: …\scripts\jquery-1.3.2-vsdoc.js: ‘j Query.Serialize’ is null or not an object @ 1430:4 To work around the problem, generate the script include tag dynamically so that the Java Script Intellisense engine doesn’t see the jq Modal reference at design time.

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There’s no web.config location for this (as “Curly Fro” asked) nor is there a Tools Options list you can set. NET Web Hooks Community Standup CSS CSS and HTML Development Intelli Sense Jeff King JScript Mike Snow MSDeploy msnow MVC Orcas publish Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi Silverlight silverlight resources SP1 tips and tricks Vishal R.

PROBLEM While working in my and files, I frequently (every couple of minutes) get the below popup message, which requires me to hit "No" and then resume working.Visual Studio 2008 will auto-detect the presence of a master page and scan for references in that file.Thus, placing references in the master page is all you need to do. I put a vsdoc reference in the Master Page, why is Intelli Sense not working in a User Control? Thus, there is no way for Visual Studio to guess which master page the user control will end up on.However many developers are not aware that you can get vsdoc Intellisense for j Query over CDN (Content Delivery Network) as well. NET Architecture MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) works as an Architect Consultant and provides consultancy on how to design and develop Web applications.Just use the Microsoft CDN instead of the Google CDNHere’s an example of the intellisense showing up with the Microsoft CDN network: Microsoft CDN hosts both j Query and the Visual Studio Intellisense for j Query. Suprotim is also the founder and primary contributor to Dev Curry, Dot Net Curry and SQLServer Curry.

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At about the same frequency, when I do any of the below actions: Error updating JScript Intelli Sense: C:\Applications\Web Interfaces\Ecom Intranet\Plugins\jquery\js\jquery-1.9.1.js: Object doesn't support this property or method @ 1318:1 C:\Applications\Web Interfaces\Ecom Intranet\1 1 C:...\Ecom Intranet\ I finally ran across this page which suggested to download the jquery -vsdoc file, and place it in the same directory as the referenced jquery file.

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