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There is a sharp distinction between the solid and the liquid state, that is separated by a , a measure of its resistance to flow.The viscosity of water at room temperature is about 0.01 poises.Glass is available in a variety of tints, thicknesses, patterns and designs to shape light, provide security, control sound and add a key accent to the design of your home.For traditionalists, there is single strength glass, annealed and without imperfections.Various thicknesses of sheet glass can be laminated together.Between the sheets of glass is a PVB (Polyvinyl Butyrol) interlayer available in a variety of thickness, either clear or pigmented.[Physics FAQ] - [Copyright] Updated PEG January 1997.

Many solids have a crystalline structure on microscopic scales. As the solid is heated the molecules vibrate about their position in the lattice until, at the melting point, the crystal breaks down and the molecules start to flow.The process bonds two sheets of glass using a sheet of transparent plastic, producing a safety glass.If the glass is broken by an impact, the plastic retains the fragments.The first is from lacerations due to the large shards that might slice into the skin.There have been numerous instances of people who have died from injuries, such as a severed femoral artery.

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